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A Tiny Castle!

So, I love castles.  I went to Ireland with my parents right after I graduated college.  It was one of my first traveling with parents as an adult trips.  And it was one of the first trips with them without my sisters.  Which meant I got to do a lot more planning than usual.  And which meant that we basically went from castle to castle, with a boat trip thrown in as well.  As a kid, I always dreamed about having a tower on my house (probably to hold the two-story library I had planned which would have needed a book ladder).  And I thought that my tiny house dreams would make the tower impossible.  But, I stand corrected.  You can have a tiny house with a tower.  In Sweden.

P.S.  I also have to thank RelaxShax for turning me on to a awesome blog, Neatorama.  Not only did Neatorama find this tiny castle, but other recent posts include how to make Google beatbox, why drinking whiskey is good for the world (my family did more than our fair share of helping the world this Thanksgiving), and, more relevant to tiny houses, a trailer park gingerbread house competition.