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Yay for Thanksgiving

Yes, I realize Thanksgiving was last week.  But, in my family, Thanksgiving isn’t a day, but a long weekend spent with extended family.  And the reason why it is yay for Thanksgiving is that only in my family do people not only get the tiny house idea, but get excited about it.  They want to see plans and talk about plumbing and composting toilets and wood stoves and all that stuff which is perpetually in my head.  So, yay for Thanksgiving!  Even if it gives me even more to think about (proving that the more you know, the more you know you don’t know).


Perspective Shift

It’s amazing how much I look at parts of my life differently, even while my tiny house is only in planning and dreaming mode.  I was washing my face this evening and realized that the bathroom I am planning is basically the size of my current bathtub.  Then, as I rinsed the soap off my face, I couldn’t help but think about how much water was going down the drain and how I might deal with that amount of graywater.