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Designing and Building My Tiny House

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Plans on hold for a couple months

I’m currently sitting in the Hong Kong airport, en route to the Philippines for 2 months.  Clearly, I won’t be building my tiny house in the next couple months.  Due to life circumstances, I kind of reached the point where it was either going to be build it NOW, or hold off for 6-9 months and re-evaluate.  I got so far as talking to a friend of mine who is a contractor to see if he would help me.  Then, I had a bit of a crisis around the money thing.  Not that I couldn’t afford to do this project (although it will take a chunk out of my savings).  But while lots of people who build tiny houses are living in big houses so the tiny house is a significant savings in cost, I’m not in the boat.  I had been living with roommates so super cheaply.  And given my current location, I like to travel.  The beauty of renting is that you give up your place, put your stuff in storage (or your parents’ basement), and take off with very limited bills continuing.  If I built my tiny house right now, my cost of living would not decrease, but probably increase a little.  I would gain my very own little place (versus sharing a house with friends) which is definitely worth something, but worth the cost of building the house?  And the tiny house would mean some bills continuing even if I went traveling (insurance and maybe storage).

And finally, my life is a bit in flux right now.  I don’t know where I’ll be living in a year.  Which in some ways makes this tiny house project perfect (after all – its on wheels).  And in other ways, makes things harder because some of the places I might want to live are big cities where it would be harder to find a spot to park my house.  Do I want that stress?  Anyway….I decided to take a couple months to mull it all over (and to go someplace warm and kiteboard).  We can also call this research – how do other cultures do tiny houses?